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In order to carry out its missions, bureauexport benefits from the financial contributions of private and public partners united by a common goal.

french professional organisations

SCPP [Civil Union of Phonographic Producers]

SCPP is a collection and distribution society for fees collected on the behalf of its members from sound recording and music video users.

More than 1,000 producers belong to SCPP, which includes numerous independent producers as well as French affiliates of international groups.

SCPP administers a catalogue of more than 2 million recorded titles and more than 25,000 music videos, and represents more than 80% of French producer publishing rights.

SCPP supports musical creation by awarding grants for producing sound recordings or music videos, for educating artists and organizing live performances.



SPPF [Civil Union of Phonographic Producers in France]

Created in 1986, SPPF is a collecting and distribution society for fees collected on behalf of its members, each member being an independent sound recording or music video producer.

The 1,200 member producers of SPPF represent businesses of all sizes. SPPF administers a catalogue of nearly 1.15 million sound recordings and more than 9,000 videos.

SPPF is also in charge of supporting musical creation financially through general interest operations and direct financial support to producers for sound recording production, live performances and artist education.



SACEM [Union of Music Authors, Composers and Publishers]

SACEM is a private, non-profit, non-trading organisation managed by music creators and publishers.

SACEM promotes music creation in protecting, representing and serving the interests of music authors, composers and publishers.

The principal mission of SACEM is to collect author’s rights in France and to redistribute them to French and creators worldwide. This mission is essential in order to ensure the creation and functioning of the music industry.

From live performances to individual consumption, SACEM works to promote the proper usage of music in respecting artists and their works.



FCM [Music Creation Fund]

FCM is an association that supports the creation and diffusion of music as well as the career development of artists.

Its music industry support systems focus on the production and diffusion of live performances (concerts, tours), festivals, export, creation and production of sound recordings.

FCM is also involved in artist education initiatives.



CNV [National Center for Pop, Chanson and Jazz Music]

CNV is a public industrial and commercial organisation under the authority of the Ministry of Culture. Its primary mission is to support the sectors of French chanson, pop and jazz music thanks to funds collected through taxes collected on live performances.

The mission of CNV is to support the development of live performances, outside of Classical and Contemporary music, by supporting tours, festivals, event promotion and professional training activities.




Adami is a society for the collective administration of performers’ rights. It operates on a not-for-profit basis.
For over fifty-eight years, Adami has been collecting and individually distributing the sums due to actors, singers, musicians, conductors and dancers for the use of their recorded works.
It currently counts more than 27,600 members.


french public authorities


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the ministerial department of the French government in charge of the international policies of France and to ensure relations with the European Union.

The missions of the ministry include: reporting and putting in perspective information regarding the evolution of international contexts as well as the preparation of foreign policy decisions for French authorities, the development of the international policies of France, the coordination of French international relations, as well as the protection of French interests abroad and the assistance of French citizens living and working outside of France.




The Ministry of Culture is the ministerial department of the French government in charge of increasing the accessibility of works of art and culture created by humanity, and particularly France, to the public.

In this capacity, the ministry leads with a policy of conservation, protection and improvement of cultural heritage. The ministry promotes the creation of works of art as well as the development of artistic practices and education.

Among its missions, the ministry particularly ensures the development of cultural industries and contributes to the development of new technologies to diffuse creativity and cultural heritage.

The ministry is also an actor in spreading French and Francophone culture and artistic creation throughout the world, and contributes to cultural actions outside of France and to related actions of French cultural extensions abroad.




Created in 2010, the Institut Français is in charge of the French cultural projects outside of France. An industrial and commercial public organisation under the authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, its mission is to contribute to the spread of France throughout the world, through a dialogue with international cultures, through a process of listening, partnership and openness.

In addition to the cultural activities previously developed by Culturesfrance, particularly in artistic exchanges and welcoming international cultures to France, the Institut Français is also in charge of new activities such as the promotion of French language, knowledge and ideas.

By working directly with the French cultural network (Institut français and Alliances Françaises), the Institut Français seeks to respond to the needs expressed by diplomatic authorities, all while promoting initiatives that maximize project results and economies of scale.




Business France is the national agency for the international development of the French economy. Its mission is to help French companies to export and increase their international development, as well as to promote and attract international investment in France.
It promotes attractiveness and business image of France, of its companies and of its territories to make France a profitable investment location. It also runs the VIE international internship program.
Founded on January 1, 2015 through a merger between UBIFRANCE and Invest in France Agency (IFA), Business France has a staff of 1,500 persons in France and in 70 countries and is supported by a network of public and private sector partners.



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