bureauexport is a French non-profit organisation and network that helps French and international music professionals work together to develop French-produced music around the world.

bureauexport global network

bureauexport is a global network whose mission is to help French music professionals develop their artists internationally, covering all styles of music* (electronic, jazz, pop, rock, world, urban, classical). bureauexport has offices around the world, based in Berlin (for Germany / Austria / Switzerland / Benelux / Eastern Europe), London (for United Kingdom/Ireland), New York (for United States), São Paulo (for Brazil), with a central office in Paris.


* Only bureauexport offices in Berlin (for Germany), London (for the UK) and Paris deal with classical music .


bureauexport local offices outside of France are co-administered by bureauexport and local French Embassies.
Their role is multi-faceted, supporting French music professionals, helping international music professionals work with French-produced artists, organising specific French music operations, and just as importantly, helping organise and exchange projects between France and other countries.


bureauexport's central Paris office manages the network of offices around the world and their budgets, oversees the website french-music.org, keeps French music professionals up-to-date with the latest market news from their offices outside France, monitors territories where there is no permanent bureauexport presence, coordinates partnerships with French festivals and professional events interested in international exchange, and is the home of the 'commissions' - the grant procedures supporting French music financially outside of France.
The Paris office manages global partnerships with bureauexport’s political & financial partners, including professional French music organisations, the French Ministry of Culture and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
This central office is also in charge of lobbying and communication for the bureauexport global network.


how can bureauexport help you?

As a member of the public
If you are a fan of music made in France, bureauexport can keep you up-to-date on the latest French-produced releases and concerts happening in your country.
Keep on visiting www.french-music.org frequently for the latest updates.
And last but not least, get involved by following the links to our various social networking sites:
http://www.francerocks.com (USA)


As a professional
There are many services that your local office* can provide you with, including:
- networking with French music professionals
- professional meetings organised in local territories and in France
- invitations to festivals and meetings in France
- access to a database** with French music professional contacts
- information on grant applications for your French-produced projects through bureauexport or other organisations
- promoting your French-produced concerts and releases to the public, local music professionals and media
- newsletter about the latest French shows and music projects - if you are a professional based in the UK, Germany, or the US
- up-to-date information on the French music industry
- education opportunities with French music


* Each local bureauexport office or representant is different in terms of staffing, offering various services accordingly.
** To access our French professional database, log in to professional section.


To find out more about what your local office can offer, get in touch with your country’s office.



bureauexport in Paris
[Central office]
36 boulevard de la Bastille. 75012 Paris. France
tel: +33 1 86 95 57 00. paris-office@french-music.org


bureauexport in Berlin
[for Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Benelux/Eastern Europe]
Kurfürstendamm 211. 10719 Berlin. Germany
tel: +49 30 885 902 14. fax: +49 30 885 902 11. berlin@french-music.org


bureauexport in London
[for United Kingdom/Ireland]
c/o Institut français. 17 Queensberry place. SW7 2DT London. United Kingdom
tel: +44 207 871 3524. fax: +44 207 871 3529. london@french-music.org


bureauexport in New York [Represented by its exclusive agent France Rocks, Inc.]
[for United States]
972 5th avenue. New York, NY 10075. United States
tel: +1 212 439 14 15. newyork@french-music.org


bureauexport in São Paulo
[for Brazil]
Embaixada da França no Brasil / Campus France - Alameda Jaú,1208. Jardim Paulista. 01420-000 São Paulo SP. Brazil
tel: +55 11 3818 2898. saopaulo@french-music.org

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